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One piece Firestone Rubber Flat Roofs
   One piece Firestone Rubber Flat Roofs     

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Advantages of EPDM Firestone Roofing


 The main advantages of  EPDM Rubber roofing compared to other flat roofing materials.

    Firestone Rubber Cover  

 Advantages of EPDM​  

 EPDM Rubber comes in sheets size up to 15m wide and up to 100m in length

 witch is the same size as a swiming pools and could be covered in one single piece of rubber

 If you used felt you would have to use 187 rolls of felt to cover the same area



  • EPDM has a life expectancy of 50 years plus.
  • Felt life expectancy 10 year plus
  • Felt or bitumen roofing will not withstand harsh winter frosts as well and has a relatively shorter life  ​    expectancy.​​
  • Fibreglass roofing requires more stable weather conditions to apply limiting use to certain times of   the year.


  • EPDM is totally resistant to heating, cooling and harmful UV rays.
  • Fibreglass breaks down, becomes brittle and cracks.
  • Felt or bitumen roofing is susceptible to sun, frost and UV rays.


  • EPDM is seamless,will not crack or blister and is easily cleaned.
  • Fibreglass roofing attracts moss and looks plastic.
  • Felt roofing can deteriorate sooner and can crack ,blister and soon become tatty and unsightly.

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EPDM Rubber

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Cosford, Newport,

Church Aston, Irondridge,

Atterley, Coalbrookdale,

Little Wenlock,  Shawbury,

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Wolverhamton, Dudley, Staffordshire, Shropshire, and all of the

West Midlands, 


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